1)What is a GTEC Evaluation report?
A comprehensive report that contains the equivalency of a foreign qualification into a Ghanaian educational system.

2) Isn’t Translation and Evaluation the same thing?
Translation of educational document in a simple conversion between languages whereas Evaluation is identification of the appropriate educational standards between systems.

3) Can I use another government agency to evaluate credentials?
There is no government or private agency except GTEC that provides such services. GTEC is the officially mandated and recognized agency to establish equivalencies of foreign qualifications in Ghana (Act 1023).

4) How do I apply to have my credential evaluated?
Complete an application form, signed with a reliable postal address accompanied with the necessary documentation and payment.

5) Can I deliver my application to your office?
Applications are accepted on walk – in basis because all application must be accompanied with the original copies of the certificates, these will be examined and returned immediately to the applicant. Note: The Commission will not be held liable for lost of original certificates posted.

6) How can I get the application form?
Application forms can only be accessed at the GTEC office.

7) I have more than one degree; do I need to fill several applications?>
No. You do not need to fill separate applications. Every degree will be evaluated independently and issued a separate report.

8) My studies are not completed. Can I still get evaluation?
No, only completed course of study which have been certificated are evaluated.

9) Do I need original documents?
Yes. GTEC evaluation process requires original certificates to be submitted for examination.

10) My current name differs from the name on my transcripts or certificates?
Attach copies evidence of change of name to your application.

11) Change of address to which evaluation report must be forwarded. How do I update this information?
If there is a change in address, please contact the Credential Evaluation Department with the new address and mailing instructions as soon as possible.

12) How long does it take to process Evaluation reports?
Processing time takes four (4) weeks or less. If, however, any additional documentation, information, research or verification is needed, the process may be delayed.

13) What if I am not satisfied with my evaluation report?
GTEC is committed to providing accurate service base on the most up to date information. However, GTEC cannot guarantee that the client will agree with Evaluation report. Any questions or concerns about Credential Evaluation must be submitted in writing.

14) Can I obtain additional copies of my evaluation report?
You can request for additional copies, however, copies ordered after completion of initial order will attract a processing fee.

15) Will I get a refund if I cancel the application?
No refunds are issued.