Client Support

Client Support

The Commission, through its open door policy, provides a wide range of technical support services to its clients and prospective client institutions. It provides a walk-in service to both existing and prospective client institutions which seek general or technical information on how to get started or how to fix a particular challenge associated with their operations as the case may be.

For a new institution, the prospective client is guided through the dos and don’ts, the Roadmap to Accreditation documents, as well as several other policy documents and guidelines of the Commission to facilitate clients’ appreciation of the processes a prospective institution should expect to go through with GTEC. The new institution is also guided through such tips as “how to prepare to engage with GTEC” and “what to do to make your application go through smoothly without the hassle usually suffered by ill-advised applications” and many more.

For an existing institution which is seeking technical advice to overcome a given challenge, real insights are offered by the appropriate officer at no cost. GTEC may recommend some of its experts in its pool to assist an embattled institution at the institution’s own cost in a purely private arrangement with no direct involvement of the Commission.  

The Commission or its appropriate Committee, may directly engage a struggling institution and offer peer professional advice to the institution to enable it deal with the situation it is confronted with. The Commission usually gets involved in such matters at the committee level when the issue has been properly laid before it in an official request by the institution or as a finding of the Commission in a quality assurance/assessment report on the institution.   

The Commission also keeps updating its website to make relevant information available to clients to minimize the need to physically appear at the secretariat for any such support services. Increasingly, the Commission is automating its operations to make life even much easier for its clients.

Please refer to the GTEC Service Charter to inform yourself of what is expected of you as a client and what you should expect from GTEC to make our working relationship a memorable one.